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From: Ian Abbott <>
To: Ahmad Fatoum <>,
	Barebox List <>
Subject: Re: [v2022.10.0] initcall of of_probe_memory failed (EBUSY)
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 14:31:46 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On 17/10/2022 14:10, Ian Abbott wrote:
> On 17/10/2022 13:24, Ahmad Fatoum wrote:
>> On 17.10.22 14:03, Ian Abbott wrote:
>>> Barebox v2022.10.0 seems to work for me, but I now get this 
>>> (harmless?) error during initialization:
>>> initcall of_probe_memory+0x1/0x34 failed: Device or resource busy
>>> (This is on a 32-bit ARM SoCFPGA/CycloneV based system.)
>>> git bisect is blaming commit d0b5f6bde15b ("of: reserved-mem: reserve 
>>> regions prior to mmu_initcall()").
>> Can you define #define DEBUG at the top of common/resource.c and paste
>> the output?
> Here is what I get for a Terasic DE0-Nano-SoC.  (I was using a custom 
> board for the original report, but the symptoms are the same.)
> [snip]

Here is the same thing with "Trace initcalls" and "Trace driver 
probes/removes" turned on:

lowlevel init done
SDRAM setup...
SDRAM calibration...

barebox 2022.10.0-dirty #33 Mon Oct 17 14:26:52 BST 2022

Board: Terasic DE-0(Atlas)
initcall-> mdio_bus_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> spi_bus_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> i2c_bus_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> gpio_desc_alloc+0x1/0x18
initcall-> fs_bus_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> socfpga_ccm_driver_register+0x1/0xc
initcall-> syscon_driver_register+0x1/0xc
initcall-> socfpga_init+0x1/0x58
__request_region ok: 0x00000000:0x3fffffff flags=0x0
initcall-> socfpga_boot_save_loc+0x1/0x34
initcall-> of_arm_init+0x1/0x38
     probe-> ffd04000.clkmgr@ffd04000.of
__request_region ok: 0xffd04000:0xffd04fff flags=0x0
initcall-> unwind_init+0x1/0x30
initcall-> register_autoboot_vars+0x1/0x60
initcall-> arm_arch_timer_driver_register+0x1/0xc
initcall-> of_timer_init+0x1/0x14
initcall-> socfpga_reset_driver_register+0x1/0xc
     probe-> ffd05000.rstmgr@ffd05000.of
__request_region ok: 0xffd05000:0xffd05fff flags=0x0
initcall-> net_init+0x1/0x74
initcall-> init_fs+0x1/0x30
initcall-> ns16550_serial_driver_register+0x1/0xc
     probe-> ffc02000.serial0@ffc02000.of
__request_region ok: 0xffc02000:0xffc02fff flags=0x0
     probe-> ffc03000.serial1@ffc03000.of
__request_region ok: 0xffc03000:0xffc03fff flags=0x0
initcall-> socfpga_init+0x1/0x2c
initcall-> dos_partition_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> of_stdoutpath_init+0x1/0x14
initcall-> of_probe_memory+0x1/0x34
__request_region: 0x00000000:0x3fffffff (ram0) conflicts with 
0x00000000:0x3fffffff (ram0)
initcall of_probe_memory+0x1/0x34 failed: Device or resource busy
initcall-> __exceptions_stop+0x1/0x44
initcall-> of_reserved_mem_walk+0x1/0xfc
__request_region ok: 0x00000000:0x00000fff flags=0x80000200
initcall-> mmu_init+0x1/0x60
__request_region ok: 0x3ffe4000:0x3ffe7fff flags=0x200
__request_region: 0x00000000:0x00000fff (zero page) conflicts with 
0x00000000:0x00000fff (fdt-memreserve-0)
initcall-> mem_malloc_resource+0x1/0x94
__request_region ok: 0x1fefd960:0x3fdfb2bf flags=0x200
__request_region ok: 0x3fe00000:0x3fe71f2b flags=0x200
__request_region ok: 0x3fe71f2c:0x3fe8284f flags=0x200
__request_region ok: 0x3fe82850:0x3fe85e3f flags=0x200
initcall-> bootsource_init+0x1/0x38
initcall-> reset_source_init+0x1/0x40
initcall-> register_mtdoob+0x1/0x14
initcall-> i2c_dw_driver_register+0x1/0xc
     probe-> ffc04000.i2c@ffc04000.of
__request_region ok: 0xffc04000:0xffc04fff flags=0x0
initcall-> clk_gpio_init+0x1/0x10
initcall-> smp_twd_driver_register+0x1/0xc
     probe-> fffec600.timer@fffec600.of
__request_region ok: 0xfffec600:0xfffec6ff flags=0x0
initcall-> mc13xxx_spi_driver_register+0x1/0x20
initcall-> mc13xxx_i2c_driver_register+0x1/0x20
initcall-> ext_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> ramfs_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> devfs_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> ubifs_init+0x1/0x70
initcall-> tftp_init+0x1/0x30
initcall-> nfs_init+0x1/0x34
initcall-> fat_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> restart_register_feature+0x1/0x1c
initcall-> arm_request_stack+0x1/0x50
__request_region ok: 0x3ffe8000:0x3ffeffff flags=0x200
initcall-> mount_root+0x1/0x58
     probe-> ramfs0
     probe-> devfs0
initcall-> binfmt_sh_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> binfmt_uimage_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> console_common_init+0x1/0x54
initcall-> of_kernel_init+0x1/0x1c
initcall-> blspec_init+0x1/0xc
initcall-> console_ctrlc_init+0x1/0x20
initcall-> firmware_init+0x1/0x28
initcall-> genphy_driver_register+0x1/0xc
initcall-> ksphy_driver_register+0x1/0x10
initcall-> socfpga_dwc_ether_driver_register+0x1/0xc
     probe-> ff702000.ethernet@ff702000.of
__request_region ok: 0xff702000:0xff703fff flags=0x0
socfpga_designware_eth ff702000.ethernet@ff702000.of: user ID: 0x10, 
Synopsys ID: 0x37
mdio_bus: miibus0: probed
initcall-> cqspi_driver_register+0x1/0xc
initcall-> dw_mmc_driver_register+0x1/0x10
     probe-> ff704000.dwmmc0@ff704000.of
__request_region ok: 0xff704000:0xff704fff flags=0x0
dw_mmc ff704000.dwmmc0@ff704000.of: registered as mmc0
initcall-> mem_init+0x1/0x60
     probe-> mem0
     probe-> mem1
initcall-> dw_wdt_driver_register+0x1/0xc
     probe-> ffd02000.watchdog@ffd02000.of
__request_region ok: 0xffd02000:0xffd02fff flags=0x0
initcall-> of_partition_init+0x1/0x4c
initcall-> socfpga_fpgamgr_driver_register+0x1/0x10
     probe-> ff706000.fpgamgr@ff706000.of
__request_region ok: 0xff706000:0xff706fff flags=0x0
__request_region ok: 0xffb90000:0xffb90003 flags=0x0
initcall-> prng_init+0x1/0x28
initcall-> null_init+0x1/0x28
initcall-> full_init+0x1/0x28
initcall-> zero_init+0x1/0x28
initcall-> md5_digest_register+0x1/0xc
initcall-> init_net_poll+0x1/0x14
initcall-> barebox_memory_areas_init+0x1/0x2c
__request_region ok: 0x3fdfb2c0:0x3fdfffc9 flags=0x200
initcall-> barebox_of_populate+0x1/0x14
initcall-> of_register_memory_fixup+0x1/0x10
initcall-> dummy_csrc_warn+0x1/0x2c
initcall-> bootm_init+0x1/0x128
initcall-> init_command_list+0x1/0x2c
initcall-> display_meminfo+0x1/0x34
malloc space: 0x1fefd960 -> 0x3fdfb2bf (size 511 MiB)
initcall-> of_register_bootargs_fixup+0x1/0x2c
initcall-> init_boot+0x1/0x74
initcall-> device_probe_deferred+0x1/0xc0
initcall-> of_init_hostname+0x1/0x18
initcall-> barebox_of_driver_init+0x1/0x44
     probe-> chosen:environment.of
mmc0: detected SD card version 2.0
mmc0: registered mmc0
         probe-> fat0
initcall-> eth_register_of_fixup+0x1/0x10
initcall-> dhcp_global_init+0x1/0xf8
initcall-> ifup_all_init+0x1/0x20
initcall-> ubifs_init+0x1/0x48
initcall-> armlinux_register_image_handler+0x1/0x74
initcall-> load_environment+0x1/0x2c
initcall-> of_populate_ethaddr+0x1/0x90
initcalls done
^[[?25hExecuting '/env/init/automount'...
Executing '/env/init/automount-ratp'...
Executing '/env/init/ps1'...

Hit any to stop autoboot:    3

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