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@ 2022-08-10  7:07 Sascha Hauer
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From: Sascha Hauer @ 2022-08-10  7:07 UTC (permalink / raw)
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Hi All,

I just released barebox-2022.08.0. In case you wonder I skipped the
release for July due to my summer holidays.
For this release we gained two new board supports: The RK3568 based
Radxa Rock3 board is now supported and also the Raspberry Pi 4 in 64bit
mode. Also we now have I2C support for the Raspberry Pi family, give it
a try!
As usual, many more small changes detailed below.

Have Fun!


Ahmad Fatoum (68):
      ARM: cpuinfo: print exception level
      bbu: move barebox_update eMMC boot handling into common code
      bbu: use free(NULL) to simplify function cleanup
      bbu: add flag for enabling eMMC boot ack
      bbu: export bbu_std_file_handler for use in custom handlers
      filetype: differentiate between STM32MP FSBL and SSBL images
      ARM: stm32mp: bbu: add FIP update handler
      fastboot: support TF-A FSBL and FIP images for barebox update
      ARM: cpuinfo: print CPU mainid if unknown
      ARM: cpuinfo: detect Cortex-A72
      ARM64/RISC-V: booti: support global.bootm.image.loadaddr
      console: add new $global.bootm.earlycon parameter
      serial: ns16550: add $global.bootm.earlycon fixup support
      serial: amba-pl011: add $global.bootm.earlycon fixup support
      serial: atmel: add $global.bootm.earlycon fixup support
      serial: imx: add $global.bootm.earlycon fixup support
      serial: litex: add linux console/earlycon fixup support
      serial: lpuart: add $global.bootm.earlycon fixup support
      video: efi_gop: add $global.bootm.earlycon fixup for framebuffer console
      commands: ls: explicitly check for directories with S_ISDIR
      block: set S_IFBLK for block devices instead of S_IFCHR
      common: add help text for CONFIG_STATE
      nvmem: rmem: get, don't request, memory region
      of: remove unused and misleading #cells in /memreserve
      of: request reserved memory regions so other code can't
      fastboot: always try barebox_update handler for bbu- partitions
      dma: avoid clash between static inline and extern dma_alloc declarations
      dma: add dma_sync nop stubs for PBL
      ARM64: asm: implement read_cpuid_id()
      ARM: rpi: move bcm2835_add_device_sdram() into header
      ARM: rpi: support PBL use of mbox
      ARM: rpi: split out mbox helpers to share code with PBL
      ARM: rpi: switch to ARM_USE_COMPRESSED_DTB
      ARM: rpi: add generic Raspberry Pi image
      ARM: rpi: support FDT in x0 for 64bit configurations
      serial: ns16550: rpi: remove ungating now done by proper clk driver
      ARM: cpu: prevent recursive dependencies via CPU_SUPPORTS_64BIT_KERNEL
      ARM: cpu: remove unnecessary CONFIG_SYS_SUPPORTS_64BIT_KERNEL
      ARM: cpu: remove unused SYS_SUPPORTS_32BIT_KERNEL
      ARM: rpi: add Raspberry Pi 3 64-bit build support
      ARM: rpi: rpi3: disallow MMU_EARLY && 64BIT
      clk: rpi: add Raspberry Pi 4 support
      clocksource: bcm2835: bump below architeced timer for AArch64
      ARM: rpi: add Raspberry Pi 4 support
      ARM: rpi: add debug_ll support for Raspberry Pi 4
      doc: bcm283x: reference newer firmware
      ARM: rpi: use correct kernel8.img as name for 64-bit
      net: designware: rockchip: future-proof driver for more SoCs
      state: don't report error for -ENOMEDIUM
      ddr: imx8m: remove header including itself
      ARM: cpu: start: don't panic when only initial memory known
      checkpatch: don't warn about %pe
      ubifs: fix crash building without decompressors
      Documentation: devel: project-ideas: update after DSA framework addition
      Documentation: devel: porting: bring up to date
      net: dsa: fix format string mismatch
      file_list: factor out file_list_new
      USB: gadget: fastboot: allow exporting only barebox update handler
      driver: disassociate dev from device_node on unregister_device
      regulator: handle regulator_get_voltage(NULL) gracefully
      common: don't fixup empty serial/machine_compatible strings
      soc: imx: gpcv2: associate PGC device tree node with platform device
      drivers: power: ignore power domains with barebox,allow-dummy
      ARM: i.MX8MM: assume USBOTG power domains to be powered
      ARM: i.MX8MN: assume USBOTG power domains to be powered
      common: machine_id: simplify early exit
      common: machine_id: guard against digest algo being unavailable
      crypto: restrict digest algos implemented in ARM assembly to 32-bit

Alexander Shiyan (23):
      ARM: OMAP: Rearranging EMIF4 definitions
      ARM: OMAP: Move EMIF4 definitions to appropriate header
      ARM: OMAP: Adopt am35xx_emif4_init() to use fixed offset definitions
      ARM: OMAP: Move locally used definitions from emif4 header to am35xx_emif4
      ARM: OMAP: emif: Abstract am35xx_emif4 from any CPU-specific includes
      ARM: OMAP: emif: Rename am35xx_emif4 unit
      ARM: OMAP: Use EMIF4 registers for get SDRAM size
      ARM: OMAP: Move am33xx_sdram_size() into EMIF module and make it generic
      serial: ns16550: Adding compatibility for the AM437X platforms
      serial: ns16550: Remove redundant driver data for generic ns16550 variants
      ARM: OMAP: syslib: Optimize wait_on_value() function
      serial: Kconfig: Remove DRIVER_SERIAL_NS16550_OMAP_EXTENSIONS option
      ARM: clps711x: Switch to devicetree usage
      .gitignore: Add directories generated by MAKEALL script
      ARM: myir-x335x: Fix memory size detect
      ARM: DTS: myir-x335x: Add GPIO aliases
      ARM: at91sam9n12ek: Use xz compression
      drivers: soc: Fix unconditional compilation of imx directory
      globalvar: Add missing empty prototype for globalvar_set()
      treewide: Remove duplicate incudes
      common: reset_source: Remove of_get_reset_source_priority()
      read_file: Pass NULL for the size parameter if the return value is not used
      ARM: OMAP: Rework watchdog code

Antony Pavlov (1):
      net: rtl8169: make it work on big-endian system

Daniel Brát (2):
      i2c: add bcm283x i2c host controller support
      ARM: rpi: parse useful data from vc fdt

Jules Maselbas (1):
      serial: ns16550: Remove empty line after return

Lucas Stach (3):
      mci: core: add device parameter for eMMC boot ack
      ARM: nxp-imx8mq-evk: install Barebox into eMMC boot partitions
      ARM: mnt-reform: switch to upstream DT

Marco Felsch (4):
      regulator: fixed: use local device_node reference
      regulator: fixed: add off-on-delay-us device-tree parsing support
      ARM: i.MX8MM: fix phy-reset gpio
      ARM: i.MX8MM: increase off-on delay on the SD Vcc regulator

Michael Riesch (3):
      arm: rockchip: add support for the radxa rock3 board
      arm: rockchip: switch to mainline dts for rk3568-evb1
      arm: rockchip: radxa-rock3: enable deep probe support

Robin van der Gracht (8):
      lib: parameter: Free previous string value in param_string_set
      ARM: boards: protonic-imx6: Free allocated autoboot_timeout string
      ARM: boards: protonic-imx6: Always free allocated alias string
      ARM: boards: protonic-imx6: Remove unsused argument from prt_imx6_usb_mount
      ARM: boards: protonic-imx6: Register prt-usb boot entry
      ARM: boards: protonic-imx6: Remove usb_delay from the priv struct
      ARM: boards: protonic-imx6: Read serial and mac from fuses if available
      ARM: boards: protonic-imx6: Register serial_number parameter with ocotp

Rouven Czerwinski (1):
      of: add of_get_reserve_map stub for !CONFIG_OFTREE

Sascha Hauer (22):
      dts: update to v5.18
      ARM: dts: edmqmx6: Use upstream flash node
      dts: update to v5.19-rc1
      ARM: rockchip_v8_defconfig: Enable realtek phy
      arm: rockchip: radxa-rock3: register barebox update handler
      net: dns: Return error when nameserver not given
      lib: parameter: Do not modify pointer returned from xstrdup()
      dts: update to v5.19-rc2
      bootchooser: rename pr_setenv() to bc_setenv()
      dts: update to v5.19-rc3
      env: Introduce pr_setenv()
      treewide: Use pr_setenv() where appropriate
      Merge branch 'for-next/arm'
      Merge branch 'for-next/dts'
      Merge branch 'for-next/earlycon'
      Merge branch 'for-next/imx'
      Merge branch 'for-next/misc'
      Merge branch 'for-next/omap'
      Merge branch 'for-next/protonic'
      Merge branch 'for-next/rockchip'
      Merge branch 'for-next/rpi4'
      Release v2022.08.0

Ulrich Ölmann (1):
      doc: bootchooser: fix typo

Uwe Kleine-König (10):
      mci: bcm2835: add bcm2711-emmc2 (Rpi4) support
      imx-usb-loader: Drop nearly unused struct usb_id
      ARM: i.MX7/8M: Fix boot source detection on i.MX8MP
      ARM: i.MX: Make sure *_get_boot_source always assignes *src
      scripts: imx-usb-loader: simplify code flow for file size calculations
      video: imxfb: Fix call of memalign()
      devfs: take into account for the partitions check that mtd is different
      devfs: Fix device name in overlap error message
      ARM: imx/bbu-external-nand: Rename offset -> nand_offset
      ARM: imx/bbu-external-nand: Fix freeing image copy

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